Welcome Back!!


Welcome back, everyone. I hope the spring holiday was a relaxing and enjoyable one for you all. I relaxed. I feel refreshed. I am ready for anything!

The weather during the holiday was warm and sunny. It was perfect holidaying weather.



Last time I asked you about the differences between the following MODAL VERBS: must, have to and need to. Here are the explanations.

These modal verbs are all modals expressing necessity.

I must study.

-MUST shows a personal belief. Must comes from my personal values, so it feels very strong.

I have to study.

-HAVE TO shows a social, or external expectation. It is from society and other people.

I need to study.

-NEED TO shows both internal values and external expectations.


The challenge for today is the following:



Pronunciation is not an easy thing to study. It takes muscles and effort.

Why are some words linked and some not linked?

For example: (The underscore marks show where linking occurs while the spaces between words without an underscore are not linked.)

My name_is Michael.

His name_is_Antonio.



Please try these.

There is a large orange hot air balloon in the sky.

The toys in the store are all for sale at a discount.

Have you ever eaten at an Indian restaurant?

My coffee is cold. Could I have a fresh cup?

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.





Welcome Back!!
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