Michael from Canada
Mark from New Zealand
Antonio from the United States

I hope…..

Hi everyone!! It has been a while and I must apologize for my absence. What's up? Well, it is now the rainy season and instead of rain we are getting hot and sunny. At the same time, they are getting ...
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What do you put on your hamburgers?????

Hi everyone!!!! The weather has been quite cold but today it was pleasantly warm. We got below zero a few times! Did you enjoy the year-end holiday? I did. I did very little. I relaxed, I relaxed and then I ...
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It is almost that time…..

December is drawing to a close and with it, 2016. When I was young I remember thinking 'WOW! 2000! What will life be like in 2000??!!??!! How old will I be?? Will we have flying cars???' Well, 16 years have ...
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Christmas is in the air.

'Tis the season. This week we got the Christmas decorations up at the school. It is ALWAYS such a wonderful time. Lights! Happy faces! Decorations! The hustle and bustle of the season is what we look forward to. Do you ...
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