Michael from Canada
Mark from New Zealand
Antonio from the United States


Hi Everyone. We all hope to see you this Saturday at the HALLOWEEN PARTY. 6:30pm start!! POT LUCK!! COSTUMES!! Y1,500 for adults Y500 for kids Friends welcome. See you there ...
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When I was a child, I would…..

Hey, what's up?! It has been a busy week here with lots of activity and new starts. New students coming. Halloween party planning. etc..... etc....... I love it when there is lots to do and I am faced with many ...
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Michael calling……

Hi all!!! It is October and that means HALLOWEEN!! It is a great time of the year when you can dress up as anyone or anything you want. Adults have parties and kids go Trick or Treating. What a fun ...
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What are you planning?

Typhoon after typhoon after typhoon. The late summer has been nothing but a succession of typhoons. Terrible and not great for getting outside. Have you been able to enjoy the weather and get outside? Next week is Silver Week. Will ...
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