When I was a child, I would…..


Hey, what’s up?!

It has been a busy week here with lots of activity and new starts. New students coming. Halloween party planning. etc….. etc…….

I love it when there is lots to do and I am faced with many new challenges and adventures.


Last week I asked you to fill in the blanks on a telephone conversation. Please see below for one example.



A:  Hello. ABC Company. How may I help you?

B: Hello. I would like to speak with Mr. X in the marketing department, please.

A: Yes, you would like to speak to Mr. X in marketing. May I have your name please?

B: Yes, it is Bond, James Bond. I work with MI6 in London.

A: Please hold the line. I will transfer your call.

B: Thank you.


C: Hello. Marketing Department. Mr. X speaking.

B: Hello Mr. X. This is James Bond calling. 

C: Oh, yes. Thank you for calling me back Mr. L. I wanted to ask you if you were free to have a meeting this Friday in the morning.

B: Yes, what time would suit you?

C: Are you available at 9:00 on Friday morning?

B: No, I am afraid that I am tied up at that time. How about 11:00?

C: Yes, that would suit me. Could you come to my office at that time?

B: Yes, certainly.

C: Great. So, I will see you on Friday at 10. Thank you.

B: I look forward to seeing you on Friday. Thank you and good- bye.

C: Good bye.


How did you do? There are many different ways to have this conversation so if yours was a little different it is also OK.


For today, I have another challenge for you!


The use of USED TO and WOULD referring to past usual activities that do not happen now.


Do you know the difference between the following sentences?

When I was a child, we used to go to the cottage and we used to go swimming and hiking.

When I was a child, we would go to the cottage and we would go swimming and hiking.

USED TO is used for __________________________________________.

WOULD is used for ___________________________________________.


Good luck and see you next time.


Don’t forget that our HALLOWEEN party will be on SATURDAY OCTOBER 29th. See you there!!




When I was a child, I would…..
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