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I hope…..

Hi everyone!! It has been a while and I must apologize for my absence. What’s up? Well, it is now the rainy season and instead of rain we are getting hot and sunny. At the same time, they are getting torrential rain in Kyusyu. Flooding, houses swept away by overflowing rivers and people missing. Tragic. Times like these make you realize just how lucky and safe you are. I am happy that I have been so fortunate in my life. I have been lucky to have a job I LOVE, friends who are great, a warm and supportive family and hope for the future. Hope is something that we can […]

What do you put on your hamburgers?????

  Hi everyone!!!!   The weather has been quite cold but today it was pleasantly warm. We got below zero a few times! Did you enjoy the year-end holiday? I did. I did very little. I relaxed, I relaxed and then I found more time to relax.  I had a few adventures in Tokyo. The roads were quite and the shops were quiet. The city empties when the year-end holiday rolls around. I guess most of the people who live in Tokyo are not actually from Tokyo. Well, I had a relaxing time and I hope you did too. With the new year comes new year resolutions. Did you make […]

It is almost that time…..

  December is drawing to a close and with it, 2016. When I was young I remember thinking ‘WOW! 2000! What will life be like in 2000??!!??!! How old will I be?? Will we have flying cars???’ Well, 16 years have passed since the turn of the millennium and we still have no flying cars. I wonder when…..   What we do have is a society progressing more quickly than our parents or their parents could have imagined. In their youth, they knew basically what their lives would be. Now, that is not possible. Please make the best of every day and do not forget the people who matter to […]

Christmas is in the air.

‘Tis the season.   This week we got the Christmas decorations up at the school. It is ALWAYS such a wonderful time. Lights! Happy faces! Decorations! The hustle and bustle of the season is what we look forward to.   Do you know the difference between Christmas in Japan and Christmas in Canada? Christmas in Japan: A time to go out on a date and to spend with that special person. Gifts are exchanged and romance is in the air. Christmas In Canada: A time to spend with family and friends. Home cooked turkey dinners are on the  menu. Gifts are exchanged and opened together as a family. If there […]

When I was a child, I would…..

Hey, what’s up?! It has been a busy week here with lots of activity and new starts. New students coming. Halloween party planning. etc….. etc……. I love it when there is lots to do and I am faced with many new challenges and adventures.   Last week I asked you to fill in the blanks on a telephone conversation. Please see below for one example.   RING……RING A:  Hello. ABC Company. How may I help you? B: Hello. I would like to speak with Mr. X in the marketing department, please. A: Yes, you would like to speak to Mr. X in marketing. May I have your name please? B: Yes, it […]

Michael calling……

Hi all!!! It is October and that means HALLOWEEN!!   It is a great time of the year when you can dress up as anyone or anything you want. Adults have parties and kids go Trick or Treating. What a fun time of the year.   Do you know the original meaning of HALLOWEEN??? Please check below for the wikipedia link.   Last time I asked you the following question: Can you make some predictions for the future?  Plans for this weekend. I will probably visit my friend. We may go to see a movie. Plans for the year end holiday. I hope that we will be able to […]

What are you planning?

  Typhoon after typhoon after typhoon. The late summer has been nothing but a succession of typhoons. Terrible and not great for getting outside. Have you been able to enjoy the weather and get outside? Next week is Silver Week. Will you be going anywhere? I will be staying in Tokyo and having several adventures around the city.     Last week I asked you to put some verbs and nouns together. These are, as you may know, known as collocations. They are sets. Here they are!! MAKE an arrangement MAKE or HAVE plans DO research MAKE or HAVE a phone call DO your homework MAKE a decision DO well […]

Making plans for something special….

Hi everyone!!! I hope you are all having a great week. It is SEPTEMBER 1st already. It is the day when we practice emergency procedures for earthquakes. It was in 1923 that the Great Kanto Earthquake happened and Tokyo was devastated. It is a day to remember and to prepare for future possibilities. Take care and get ready!   Here is a littl pick up to today. I like the band Maroon 5 and here is a youtube link to one of their their songs.  Enjoy! Last week I asked you about some joining words. Here are the answers!   because introduces the reason I was late because the trains […]


Now that the Olympic Games have ended we can all get some sleep again. That is until the Paralympics start on September 7th. I enjoyed watching the games every night and will do so again for the Paralympics as well. Japan did very well this year! 12 – 8 – 21!!! That is GOLD – SILVER – BRONZE. Great job everyone. You should all be commended. As for my home country, Canada, they did not do as well but still put on an amazing show. Canada, of course, is a winter Olympic country. Pyeongchang, in South Korea, will host the next winter games. They are close to where I now call […]

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