Making plans for something special….


Hi everyone!!! I hope you are all having a great week. It is SEPTEMBER 1st already. It is the day when we practice emergency procedures for earthquakes. It was in 1923 that the Great Kanto Earthquake happened and Tokyo was devastated. It is a day to remember and to prepare for future possibilities. Take care and get ready!


Here is a littl pick up to today. I like the band Maroon 5 and here is a youtube link to one of their their songs.  Enjoy!

Last week I asked you about some joining words. Here are the answers!



introduces the reason

I was late because the trains were delayed.

because of

introduces the reason

I was late because of the train delays.


explains a possible consequence

You should bring an umbrella. Otherwise you may get wet and then you could catch a cold.

in case

introduces a possible situation

You should not forget your cell phone in case you can not meet his at the station.

so that

introduces a possible outcome

You should study hard so that you can get accepted to that university.


Today you must decide which of the following nouns match with which of the following verbs.



MAKE      DO      HAVE


an arrangement



a phone call

your homework

a decision


a favour


a great time

some exercise

a profit

an idea



That is a lot so do your best and see you next time.





Making plans for something special….
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