Michael calling……

Hi all!!! It is October and that means HALLOWEEN!!


It is a great time of the year when you can dress up as anyone or anything you want. Adults have parties and kids go Trick or Treating. What a fun time of the year.


Do you know the original meaning of HALLOWEEN??? Please check below for the wikipedia link.



Last time I asked you the following question:

Can you make some predictions for the future? 

Plans for this weekend.

  • I will probably visit my friend. We may go to see a movie.

Plans for the year end holiday.

  • I hope that we will be able to take a wonderful holiday. We want to go to the Maldives.

Your intentions to travel.

  • I am going to visit my friend in Monaco next month.

Intentions to get married.

  • I am getting married next October.

Effort to improve your English.

  • I am going to study hard and get 800 on the next TOEIC test.

What is happening in Japan these days?

  • The budget for the 2020 Olympics is getting out of hand. I hope that it will be dealt with soon.

What international events are in the news this week?

  • There have been many stories about the antics of Donald Trump in the news. I think he will continue in the same way.

This week I would like to give you another challenge.

Using the telephone is difficult. Can you fill in the missing phrases?



A:  Hello. ABC Company. How may I help you?


A: Yes, you would like to speak to Mr. X in marketing. May I have your name please?


A: Please hold the line. I will transfer your call.



C: Hello. Marketing Department. Mr. X speaking.


C: Oh, yes. Thank you for calling me back Mr. L. I wanted to ask you if you were free to have a meeting this Friday in the morning.

B: Yes, what time_____________________________?

C: Are you available at 9:00 on Friday morning?

B: No, ________________________. How about 11:00?

C: Yes, that would suit me. Could you come to my office at that time?


C: Great. So, I will see you on Friday at 10. Thank you.

B: I look forward _______________________. _________________.

C: Good bye.


Good luck and see you next time.


Don’t forget that we will have our annual HALLOWEEN PARTY on Saturday October 29th.


ALL welcome. Bring your friends.

See you there!!!

Michael calling……
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