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In the summer…..

It is almost summer time!! The humidity is here and the rainy season did not produce much rain in the Kanto Region. I hope the summer is a nice one this year.   It is a good time to get out to the beach and have a relaxing time. Fireworks!!! Always a favourite. Enjoy and be safe. Fireworks are abundant here in Japan but in Canada they are not. Regular people are not able to buy and light fireworks. They are illegal because they are dangerous.  Can you imagine a summer without lighting fireworks??? Being from Canada, I can. I enjoy them now every summer and look forward to the […]

The art of conversation.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! A hot spring bath. What a wonderful thing to do in your free time. I LOVE Japanese baths and try to have them as often as possible. Sometimes I drive a few hours just to have a certain bath. I wish that there were as many natural hot spring baths in Canada. Oh, yes! Last week I asked you about the use of WISH. Q. How do you use WISH? A. Wish is used to explain what is not true now. It uses the past but refers to the present. Be careful when using the verb BE. It is always WERE and not WAS. Please see below. I wish […]

Hello. I wish…..

  Hi everyone, How is life going? It is going very well for me. I have had some great things happen this past week and I am looking forward to every day when I wake up. Life is so full of adventure and new things. If you make the best of it, it will give you wonders in return. You can watch ADELE’s video for her song HELLO. She is a very talented young woman with an amazing future. I hope you enjoy her video and follow her career in the future.   Last week I was concerned about sink holes and other disasters. Did you get the meaning of […]

What a disaster!

Thursday already!!! I am sure that you all have been enjoying the start of the rainy season. Well, I heard that in my hometown, Ottawa, Canada, there was a sinkhole open up in the downtown area. I checked youtube and found many videos. It seems that the sinkhole opened up at the corner of Rideau Street and Sussex Drive. This area is the centre of the city, the place where everything happens and where everyone goes. The government and businesses are there. Because Ottawa is the capital of Canada, it is theoretically the centre of the country. Actually many people would argue with that statement and propose another city. We […]

I have got a question.

GIDDAY!! That is how they say HELLO or ‘GOOD DAY’ in my hometown. Yes, there is an accent and it is sometimes strong. I think that the accent comes from the many immigrants from Scotland and Ireland. Many people came to Canada to start a new life in the new world. The accent has stayed in some ways and has gone in others. The next time you are in Eastern Canada, check it out. Please be careful with the words ACCENT and STRESS. Accent is a local way of pronunciation and stress is the strong point of a word when you pronounce it.   Last week I asked you about […]

Could I possibly?

  May is drawing to a close and soon we will start the rainy season. I know, nobody really likes that part of the year but without it we would be in quite a pinch for water. Lets try to make the best of it. Please suggest some ideas for making the rainy season a pleasant and fun time. Last week your challenge was about pronunciation. It is not easy but it is important. Linking words make the sound more fluid and smooth. The rule is: When a word ends in a CONSONANT sounds and the next word begins with a VOWEL sound, they are linked. Please remember that this is […]

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back, everyone. I hope the spring holiday was a relaxing and enjoyable one for you all. I relaxed. I feel refreshed. I am ready for anything! The weather during the holiday was warm and sunny. It was perfect holidaying weather.     Last time I asked you about the differences between the following MODAL VERBS: must, have to and need to. Here are the explanations. These modal verbs are all modals expressing necessity. I must study. -MUST shows a personal belief. Must comes from my personal values, so it feels very strong. I have to study. -HAVE TO shows a social, or external expectation. It is from society and […]

Golden Week Holiday

The school will be closed for the GOLDEN WEEK HOLIDAY from FRIDAY APRIL 29th, 2016 *4月29日(金) TO THURSDAY MAY 5th, 2016 * 5月5日(木) We all hope that you have a safe, relaxing and adventure filled holiday.   We look forward to seeing you again in May.   Happy Adventures!!!

I must, I must, I must!!!

  Thursday again…. Each week passes quickly. One week passes, two weeks pass, three weeks pass and suddenly a month has flown by.  I enjoy seeing the changes in my students as time passes. They become more confident and able to use English. They improve and have insights. Sometimes they want to give up because learning a language is not an easy task. Watching their growth inspires me and gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. When I opened this school in Hatsudai I had to choose a name. It was a very difficult and important decision. It took some time to decide. Then one day, as I was driving, it […]

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