Hello. I wish…..


Hi everyone,

How is life going? It is going very well for me. I have had some great things happen this past week and I am looking forward to every day when I wake up. Life is so full of adventure and new things. If you make the best of it, it will give you wonders in return.

You can watch ADELE’s video for her song HELLO. She is a very talented young woman with an amazing future. I hope you enjoy her video and follow her career in the future.


Last week I was concerned about sink holes and other disasters. Did you get the meaning of the vocabulary I listed? Here are the answers:

hurricane – a big storm in the western Atlantic Ocean

earthquake – a violent and sudden movement of the ground, often causing damage and death

typhoon – a tropical storm originating in the south Pacific Ocean

tidal wave – a very large ocean wave caused by a storm or an earthquake

volcanic eruption – a volcano is a mountain with a hole at the top – when it explodes it is called an erruption

drought – a period of time with no rain

Now for some vocabulary connected to the above.

destroy – to break completely

violent – very aggressive and strong – causing damage

evacuate – to move somebody from a dangerous place

collapse – to fall down – like a building

rescue -to take somebody from a dangerous place to a safe one

trapped – to be inside something and no able to get out

crucial – very important


I hope we do not have any big earthquakes or other natural disasters! Take care.


Today we have something difficult. It is WISH.

How do you use WISH? What is the meaning? Are these sentences correct or not?

I wish I am taller.

I wish he was rich.

She wish she could fly.


Please make a few sentences of your own using WISH.

I will see you next time.

Hello. I wish…..
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