What a disaster!

Thursday already!!!

I am sure that you all have been enjoying the start of the rainy season. Well, I heard that in my hometown, Ottawa, Canada, there was a sinkhole open up in the downtown area. I checked youtube and found many videos. It seems that the sinkhole opened up at the corner of Rideau Street and Sussex Drive. This area is the centre of the city, the place where everything happens and where everyone goes. The government and businesses are there. Because Ottawa is the capital of Canada, it is theoretically the centre of the country. Actually many people would argue with that statement and propose another city. We will leave it at that for now.


Disasters, both natural and man made, can happen at any time. Watching this reminds me that we must take care every day.

Check this link to the CBC news site or check below for the youtube video.




Well, last week I asked about the differences between HAVE and HAVE GOT. Did you figure it out?


What is the difference between HAVE and HAVE GOT?

I have a pen.

I have got a pen.

Does he have any brothers?

Has he got any brothers?

Do you have a minute? – Yes, I do. – No, I do not.

Have you got a moment?  – Yes, I have. – No, I haven’t.


WELL, the answer is that they are the same. Technically there is a difference and that is that HAVE is used in AMERICAN ENGLISH and HAVE GOT is used in BRITISH and CANADIAN ENGLISH.


For today, I have some vocabulary about disasters. Do you know what the following are?????




tidal wave

volcanic eruption


Now for some vocabulary connected to the above.









Good luck with these and see you next time.


Take care out there!

What a disaster!
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