I have got a question.


GIDDAY!! That is how they say HELLO or ‘GOOD DAY’ in my hometown. Yes, there is an accent and it is sometimes strong. I think that the accent comes from the many immigrants from Scotland and Ireland. Many people came to Canada to start a new life in the new world. The accent has stayed in some ways and has gone in others. The next time you are in Eastern Canada, check it out.

Please be careful with the words ACCENT and STRESS.

Accent is a local way of pronunciation and stress is the strong point of a word when you pronounce it.


Last week I asked you about the differences in level of formality in the phrases below. Check out the answers!



Can I borrow a pen, please?

Could you lend me a jacket, please?

Is it OK if I use your phone?

Do you mind if I use your laptop for a minute?

Would it be alright it I compared our homework?

Would you mind if I borrowed your camera?

Would you mind babysitting my children on Saturday?

I was wondering if I could borrow some money.


These are in order of least to most formal. All of them are polite and you need not worry about being too ROUGH.


Today I have a hard one!!!

What is the difference between HAVE and HAVE GOT?

I have a pen.

I have got a pen.

Does he have any brothers?

Has he got any brothers?

Do you have a minute? – Yes, I do. – No, I do not.

Have you got a moment?  – Yes, I have. – No, I haven’t.


Good luck and take care. See you soon.





I have got a question.
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