The art of conversation.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! A hot spring bath. What a wonderful thing to do in your free time. I LOVE Japanese baths and try to have them as often as possible. Sometimes I drive a few hours just to have a certain bath. I wish that there were as many natural hot spring baths in Canada. Oh, yes! Last week I asked you about the use of WISH.

Q. How do you use WISH?

A. Wish is used to explain what is not true now. It uses the past but refers to the present. Be careful when using the verb BE. It is always WERE and not WAS. Please see below.

I wish I am taller.   ➡   I wish I were taller.

I wish he was rich.   ➡   I wish he were rich.

She wish she could fly.  ➡  She wishes she could fly.

Today I have another challenge for you all. Check it out!

This TED talk is about HOW TO TALK AND HOW TO LISTEN. Enjoy it!

Have a great week and talk see you next week.

The art of conversation.
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