In the summer…..


It is almost summer time!! The humidity is here and the rainy season did not produce much rain in the Kanto Region. I hope the summer is a nice one this year.


It is a good time to get out to the beach and have a relaxing time. Fireworks!!! Always a favourite. Enjoy and be safe. Fireworks are abundant here in Japan but in Canada they are not. Regular people are not able to buy and light fireworks. They are illegal because they are dangerous.  Can you imagine a summer without lighting fireworks??? Being from Canada, I can. I enjoy them now every summer and look forward to the big displays. Where will you go this year?


Last time I asked you to watch a TED TALK. Was it easy? I am sure that some of you found it manageable and some did not. That is the challenge of learning English. Everyone has their own level and you should not compare your level to others. You are at your very own place in the language. You have your strengths and your weaknesses. Many people hesitate because they compare themselves to others. Please try to stop that and enjoy your level at this very moment.


Today I have some PREPOSITIONS for you. How are these used?








When you are thinking about these, think about places, times and dates. How something is done and the end target.






In the summer…..
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