I must, I must, I must!!!



Thursday again…. Each week passes quickly. One week passes, two weeks pass, three weeks pass and suddenly a month has flown by.  I enjoy seeing the changes in my students as time passes. They become more confident and able to use English. They improve and have insights. Sometimes they want to give up because learning a language is not an easy task. Watching their growth inspires me and gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

When I opened this school in Hatsudai I had to choose a name. It was a very difficult and important decision. It took some time to decide. Then one day, as I was driving, it came to me. LEAD ENGLISH!!!!! English is a tool for communicating and for bringing people, countries and businesses together. As a tool, I think English is such a useful and important one.

I wanted to bring people together here in Hatsudai and help them to improve their English communication so that they could go out into the world and make it a better place. I wanted people to be able to make the world a better and smaller place. I wanted to lead people into the future using English. Have I achieved my goal? Well, it is a pretty high one so I am still working on it. I will never give up, though.


Last time I asked you about the phrases below that are used for generalizations. How did you do? See the answers below!!

  1. He was lazy at things he was not interested in as a child.

Here THINGS refers to school subjects and activities.

2. His teachers always wrote notes to his mother about his attitude, his lack of focus and things like that.

Here THINGS LIKE THAT refers to other examples of his attitude not mentioned yet.

3. He was always excited by science class and doing experiments. He enjoyed stuff like that.

Here STUFF LIKE THAT refers to science, experiments and other related activities and studies.


Today I would like you to try modal verbs. Modal verbs are quite difficult and take time to master.

What are the differences between the following MODAL VERBS or MODALS?

I must study.

I have to study.

I need to study.

MUST, HAVE TO, and NEED TO all express necessity. There are some differences between them. Can you figure it out??? Enjoy and see you next time.


Please remember that out school is closed for the GOLDEN WEEK holiday from Friday April 29th to Thursday May 5th. See you after the break. Have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable time, whatever you do.


I must, I must, I must!!!
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