…and all that stuff.


What a day!!! While I was walking to the school this morning, it was raining heavily. When I arrived I was soaked! My pants were wet from the thigh down. Luckily I was prepared with a dry pair. Preparation!

April is here and I wonder how many people are starting new things and saying that they wished they had prepared more in advance. I see young men and women wearing their new suits and heading off to their new jobs. I see many children on Spring Break enjoying the freedom while their parents wait patiently for the new school year to start.


Whatever you are starting this year, be sure to do your best and try hard. A little elbow grease goes a long way.


Last time I asked you about the following business call. How did you do? Check below for the answers. Note that there are many ways to communicate so there are many ways to fill in the blanks of this telephone call.


COMPANY: Good morning, ABC company. How may I help you?

YOU: Good morning. I would like to speak to Ms Brown, please.

COMPANY: Yes. May I have your name please?


C: Just a moment, I will transfer you to her desk.

(RING, RING. No answer.)

C: Mr. Davis, I am sorry but Ms Brown seems to be unable to come to the phone at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?

YOU: Yes, please. COULD YOU TELL HER THE MEETING IS AT 4:00 pm ON FRIDAY? COULD YOU ASK HER TO CALL ME?  (meeting is at 4pm on Friday – please call me)

C: Yes, and may I have your telephone number please?

YOU: Yes, IT IS 03-5350-4447.

C: And your company’s name?


C: So that was MR. MICHAEL DAVIS OF LEAD ENGLISH. YOUR PHONE NUMBER IS 03-5350-4447 . (check message contents)

YOU: Yes, that is correct.

C: I will make sure that Ms Brown gets your message. Thank you for calling. 

YOU: Good bye.

C: Good bye.


How did you do????


For today, I would like you to try to use the following phrases which are used for giving general impressions.

  1. things
  2. things like that
  3. all that stuff

Try to make sentences with those three and check next week for some explanations and examples. GOOD LUCK!


Enjoy the newness of April.


…and all that stuff.
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