London calling…..


Another week has passed us by and that means that we are a week older too. The cherry trees are starting to bloom and the school year has ended. Many children are looking forward to starting the new school year in April. For some that will mean a new school with new friends and new teachers. For others, it will be the same as last year, maybe just a new room.

Whatever it is, please make the best of the new start to start something new.


Last week I asked you about the differences between some phrases. Were you able to explain the differences?


Here are the answers:

I like skiing.

LIKE followed by a gerund means I ENJOY doing this activity.

I like to pay my bills by bank transfer.

LIKE followed by an infinitive means I THINK THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY to do something. As in the example, I do not ENJOY paying my bills by transfer but I think it is the best way to pay bills.

I would like to do.

WOULD LIKE TO followed by an infinitive means that I want to do this thing. Would like is more polite than want.


For today:

Try the caller’s part in the following telephone conversation.


COMPANY: Good morning, ABC company. How may I help you?

YOU: Good morning. I would like to speak to Ms Brown, please.

COMPANY: Yes. May I have your name please?

YOU: Yes, ____________________Mr. Davis___________________.

C: Just a moment, I will transfer you to her desk.

(RING, RING. No answer.)

C: Mr. Davis, I am sorry but Ms Brown seems to be unable to come to the phone at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?

YOU: Yes, please.__________________________________________. (meeting is at 4pm on Friday – please call me)

C: Yes, and may I have your telephone number please?

YOU: Yes, ________________________________________________.

C: And your company’s name?

YOU: _________________________________________________.

C: So that was ______________________________________________________. (check message contents)

YOU: Yes, that is correct.

C: I will make sure that Ms Brown gets your message. Thank you for calling. 

YOU: Good bye.

C: Good bye.


Good luck and enjoy the ending happening now so that a new start can come next week.





London calling…..
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