I like taking a walk in the park.


Spring has sprung! It is a statement happily declared at this time of the year. Well, in my hometown of Ottawa, not quite yet. They still have that fluffy white stuff on the ground.

As the weather warms people want to go out more. That is wonderful and fun, but…… POLLEN! The season is now in full swing. Call it hay fever, pollinosis, a pollen allergy, or whatever. It is terrible. Everyone please take care.


Last week I asked you about the following 2 words. How did you do????


When I was growing up, my father made me finish my homework before I could watch my favourite TV programme.

= I was not permitted to watch TV until I finished my homework. I had no choice.

  • MAKE’s pattern. Someone makes someone do something.

After I had finished all of my homework, my father let me watch my favourite programme on TV.

= After my homework was finished, I was allowed to watch any programme I wanted to watch. I had choice.

  • LET’s pattern. Someone lets someone do something.


For today I hope that you can explain the difference between the following:

I like doing. (like followed by a gerund)

I like to do. (like followed by an infinitive)

I would like to do. (would like to infinitive)

《Do you remember gerunds and infinitives?

GERUND = verb plus -ING

INFINITIVE = base verb sometimes with TO and sometimes without TO.》


Good luck and see you next time.



I like taking a walk in the park.
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