He made me do it!


Today is GIRLS’ DAY!! I hope that all of you have decorated and displayed your sets of dolls. There are many different versions. Some are simple and small while others are elaborate and large.

As I am not a girl and have no children, I do not have a set of dolls at my home. Many of my friends and acquaintances have sets which are proudly displayed at this time of the year.

Girls are all treasures that must be valued and kept safe. When they grow up they will take the reigns of the country and will lead it into a prosperous and happy future. The role of women in Japanese society is changing. It is refreshing to see women take their rightful place in companies. I truly hope that the glass ceiling disappears and society becomes truly equal and fair. Women should be able to do what they want in our culture and not have to worry about stereotypes and expectations from the ‘old’ world.


Here is a link to see more about this festival.



Last week I tasked you with some vocab about sounds. How did you do? Please check below to see the explanations.

rattle – to make short loud sounds.

A window rattles in a strong wind.

rumble – a long deep sound.

The thunder rumbled after the lightening struck.

rustle – a noise like leave\s or papers rubbing against each other.

I could hear the leaves rustle in the cool autumn breeze.

splash -the sound water makes when it lands on something.

He fell into the pool with a loud splash.

beep -a high sound made by a car horn or a machine.

My alarm was beeping but I could not wake up.

screech – a loud unpleasant sound.

The car screeched to a stop just in time.

slam – something shut with a loud noise.

The wind blew and the door slammed shut.

squelch – make a wet, sucking sound.

My boots squelched as I walked through the bog.

creak – a sound make by an old door or floor boards.

The stairs creaked as I walked up them.

patter –  the light sound of feet or rain.

I could hear the patter of small feet.


For today, I am giving you the following:



What are the meanings, uses and differences between these words?


Good luck!!


He made me do it!
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