It is almost that time…..


December is drawing to a close and with it, 2016. When I was young I remember thinking ‘WOW! 2000! What will life be like in 2000??!!??!! How old will I be?? Will we have flying cars???’ Well, 16 years have passed since the turn of the millennium and we still have no flying cars. I wonder when…..


What we do have is a society progressing more quickly than our parents or their parents could have imagined. In their youth, they knew basically what their lives would be. Now, that is not possible. Please make the best of every day and do not forget the people who matter to you.


Last time I asked you about the differences between MAKE and LET. Could you make some examples?


MAKE – means to force someone to do something they do not want to do.

There is not a choice.

My boss made me go to the meeting even though it was not connected to my job or my department.

My father made me do my homework before I could watch tv.


LET – means to give permission, to allow someone to do something.

There is a choice.

My boss let me leave early on my birthday.

My father let me watch tv when my homework was finished.


How about your next mission? Which word or phrase is correct?

  1. Let’s go out for a drink for old / past times’ sake.
  2. We’re living in rented accommodation for the time present / being.
  3. I haven’t seen Rob for donkey’s / elephant’s years.
  4. I don’t remember that song – it was before my time / times, I’m afraid.
  5. The pace of life was slower in the past / former times.
  6. We had to get up at the crack / scratch of dawn.
  7. We arrived at the station just in / on the nick of time.
  8. She decided to go to Paris on the impulse / spur of the moment.
  9. The coach will leave at five o’clock on the point / dot.

Good luck with these.


Please remember that the school will be closed from next Thursday, December 29th until Wednesday, January 4th. See you on the 5th!!!


Everyone here at LEAD ENGLISH would like to wish you and yours all the best for the holiday season. May 2017 be a year full of joy, happiness, great challenges and adventures that will leave you satisfied.

Michael, Mika, M, Antonio, Mark and Yao.





It is almost that time…..
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