I hope…..

Hi everyone!! It has been a while and I must apologize for my absence. What’s up?

Well, it is now the rainy season and instead of rain we are getting hot and sunny. At the same time, they are getting torrential rain in Kyusyu. Flooding, houses swept away by overflowing rivers and people missing. Tragic. Times like these make you realize just how lucky and safe you are. I am happy that I have been so fortunate in my life. I have been lucky to have a job I LOVE, friends who are great, a warm and supportive family and hope for the future. Hope is something that we can not live without. I hope…..



Here is the answer to that last question. It was…. What is the difference between CATSUP and KETCHUP?


CATSUP                                                  KETCHUP

What is it?                           A condiment                                          A condiment

Taste                                     Sweet, tangy sometimes spicy           Sweet, tangy and sometimes spicy

Primary ingredients          Tomato, onion, salt, cinnamon         Tomato, sugar, onion, salt, cinnamon


Popularly used in                Some parts of US,                               Most parts of the world.

Latin America, Mexico


So that is the difference. Nothing really except the spelling.


Today, the differences between the following:





Please do your best and I look forward to hearing some of your answers.




I hope…..
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