Is it Thursday again already? HOLY COW!! Where does the time go? Yes, TIME FLIES so make the most of every day.


The rainy season this year has already brought us some torrential rains and some destruction. I hope that everyone comes through this without any problems.


Last week I asked you about some animal idioms. Did you get them?

1. Curiosity killed the cat: too many questions can get you into trouble

2. Cry wolf: to cry for help when there is no need of it

3. Beat a dead horse: to talk about an idea or issue over and over

4. Sick as a dog: incredibly sick

5. For the birds: unimportant, not worth your time

6. Smell a rat: suspect trickery


For today, I have a punctuation point! When you write e-mail, letters, stories or in your journal, can you use correct punctuation? It is very important in English writing.

Do you know what punctuation is? It is the marks that we use to end sentences and to break them up:  ,.!?;:………

How do you use semi-colons and colons?

Good luck and see you next week!!!!


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