What do you do? The present simple.


The rainy season sure is with us. Last week, when I went to teach my Friday afternoon corporate lessons in Jingu-Mae, the members of the class called me an  ‘雨男’ or ‘RAIN MAN’. This is because it had rained every Friday for over a month!! Well, in English, RAIN MAN is the name of a movie which starred Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. What they meant was that I brought the rain with me. Here is a song called 雨男! Enjoy it.



Last week in this blog I asked about the difference between the following:

I was amused by the play.

I was amusing by the play.

The first one is correct. Why?

The present participle (VERB-ing) and past participle (VERB-ed) forms of some verbs are used as adjectives. Here is how it works:


The present participle is the active form. It is used to explain a situation.

-The movie was exciting.

-The book was boring.

-The lecture was interesting.

-The haunted house was frightening.



The past participle is the passive form. It is used to explain a feeling.

-I was excited by the movie.

-I was bored by the book.

-I was interested in the lecture.

-I was frightened by the haunted house.

Now you can explain how you feel in may different situations!


Today’s point is:

What do you do? It is a very common question that is used every day in every part of the world. What does it mean?

Do you know the difference between the following:



The difference is quite important. Can you explain it? Give it a try!

I hope it does not rain this Friday…….






What do you do? The present simple.
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