Seasons Greetings!



Dear Everyone,


The holidays will start at the end of the week. I hope that you all have interesting plans for the break. I will be adventuring around Tokyo. I decided to stay at home this holiday and relax. Tokyo is a quiet place during the holiday so I am sure that there will be few traffic jams and the city will be quiet!


Last week, I asked you about articles. How did you do? Please check your answers below.

Dear Diego,

It was good to talk with you last week. I have just arrived in Hong Kong and it is taking me ____A____ while to get used to ____THE____ time difference. I keep waking up in ___THE____ middle of ___THE____ night. Many years ago I used to live here so I know my way around and fortunately I can speak ___X____ Chinese although about ____X___ 50% of the people here speak English. I had ___X____ lunch yesterday at one of ___THE____ best restaurants in ___X____ town with some friends: ___A____ theatre manager and ___A____ dancer. It was quite embarrassing because I am not used to using ___X____ chopsticks any more and I kept dropping my food!

Anyway ___THE____ reason I am writing you is……..


For the holidays I hope that you all relax and enjoy. Try watching the news in English. Try a movie without subtitles. Try reading an English newspaper. Try thinking in English. That is your assignment for this week. ENJOY!!


Please remember that the school will be closed from Sunday, December 27th to Monday, December 4th inclusively.



Seasons Greetings!
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