Hi everyone!!!

January is almost half over and I hope that you have been able to keep your NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. I have!! It is difficult and it takes determination. If you make a resolution which is too hard, you will never be able to keep it. Making one that is reasonable and attainable is the key. Good luck this year.

I have included a YOUTUBE video for you to enjoy. It is by ED SHEERAN, who is a young British singer. I like his music partly because he has a wide variety of sounds. Enjoy it while you study!!

Last week I asked you about the dates of the month. Here they are:

1st the first
2nd the second
3rd the third
4th the fourth
5th the fifth
6th the sixth
7th the seventh
8th the eighth
9th the ninth
10th the tenth
11th the eleventh
12th the twelfth
13th the thirteenth
14th the fourteenth
15th the fifteenth
16th the sixteenth
17th the seventeenth
18th the eighteenth
19th the nineteenth
20th the twentieth
21st the twenty first
22nd the twenty second
23rd the twenty third
24th the twenty fourth
25th the twenty fifth
26th the twenty sixth
27th the twenty seventh
28th the twenty eighth
29th the twenty ninth
30th the thirtieth
31st the thirty first

Now that is a list!!!

Today’s challenge is this:
THE DENTIST. Do you know how to explain things about your teeth? What are the following?

dental surgery:
root canal:

Good luck and enjoy your visit to the dentist this year.

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