I have a few… few….


What great weather!!

January is nearly over. I saw some plum trees blooming on the way to the school today. It was a surprise because the weather has been cold. Every year I go to Koganei Park in Koganei to look at the plum and cherry trees blooming. They are beautiful and it is worth the trip to go there. Here are some links to the park:




Last week I asked you about some dental issues. Here are the answers!!

toothache: a pain in your tooth

cavity: a bad tooth

check-up: to regularly visit a dentist and have him/her check your teeth

dental surgery: the room where a dentist performs operations

filling: a piece of material put in a tooth that was drilled

tartar: a build up of plaque that is like a stone on your teeth

plaque: a build up of bacteria on your teeth

root canal: the process of filling the root of a tooth with a material

painful: hurt, pain’s adjective


Do you know the difference between the following?

a little and little

I can buy that jacket because I have a little money.

I can’t buy that jacket because I have little money.

a few and few 

I am quite lucky because I have a few good friends!!

I am lonely because I have few friends.


Good luck and see you next time.





I have a few… few….
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