Memories and the word of the day.



Hi everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying the cherry blossoms. Thay are BEAUTIFUL!!

I am sorry that I did not attach a photo of the cherry trees with my blog this time. Instead, I attached a photo of me when I was a child. As you can see, I was a cool kid who used to play the guitar. I wish I had continued to play because I would love to be able to entertain my friends at parties and gatherings. Well, I did not. Maybe I should try again…

Well, this picture was taken on a family holiday to the east coast of Canada.


Who remembers the blog from last week? I asked a question…… The answer is:

TO KEEP TRACK OF means to remember where something is. Did you get it correct?


The word for today is:


A storm moved directly over the island, demolishing buildings and flooding streets.


Can you guess the meaning f DEMOLISH???

Check next week to see the answer.

I hope you have a great week. Do not forget that we are having a special spring campaign at the moment. If you know anyone who needs to study English, please bring them over to see us.


Memories and the word of the day.
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