The snow!


Last weekend I went to KOGANEI PARK to see the beautiful cherry trees in full bloom. It was wonderful and crowded. The weather was wet but nice. Then it changed….

Yesterday – APRIL 8th – it snowed!

I am sure that you were as surprised as I was to see the snow flying yesterday. As I rode the train to Tochigi yesterday morning I looked up from my newspaper and my jaw dropped….. It was snowing heavily. As a Canadian I am used to snow. But as an expat living in Tokyo I am not. Luckily the snow neither lasted, nor did it accumulate on the ground.


How did you enjoy the early spring snow with the cherry trees blooming?


Last week I used the word DEMOLISH. Could you guess the meaning?

DEMOLISH: to destroy or break completely

The old house was demolished and a new one was built.


Today we will look at some TOEIC style questions. Please choose the correct answer from A, B, C and D.

1. Ms. Hamilton found some discs on her desk. She did not know if they were                                      , mine or Ken’s.

(A) her

(B) you

(C) herselfs

(D) yours


2. The manager instructed its negotiator to give those people                                         they asked for.

(A) anything

(B) that

(C) which

(D) however

Try these 2 and see you next week!

The snow!
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