Spring into spring.



It is that time of the year again. SPRING. It is time to spring into spring!

The path that we choose always leads somewhere. Maybe it leads to the place you imagined or maybe it does not. Regardless of the destination, don’t you think the adventure is much more interesting and valuable than the end?


Here in Japan everything starts in the spring. It is quite different from Canada. In Canada the school year starts in September. The business year starts in January and the time to start work is anytime! In Canada we also do our big house cleaning in the spring. SPRING CLEANING is an important sign of the warmer weather. In the winter we can not open the windows to let in the fresh air – we would all freeze!! Spring brings warmth in the wind and warmth in the sun. If you really think about it, spring is the time for new starts and new things to happen.


I hope that this spring brings us all new starts, new friends and new adventures. What are you going to do??


Last week I asked you all a question. Did you get the answers correct?


1. Ms. Hamilton found some discs on her desk. She did not know if they were                        , mine or Ken’s.

(A) her

(B) you

(C) herselfs

(D) yours


2. The manager instructed its negotiator to give those people                                         they asked for.

(A) anything

(B) that

(C) which

(D) however

How did you do??


This week my question is this:

Can you describe people? Their character as well as their physical characteristics? Give it a try.

Spring into spring.
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