The GOLDEN WEEK spring holiday.



May is just around the corner. The spring holiday, know as GOLDEN WEEK, will begin soon. The school will be closed from Wednesday April 29th to Wednesday May 6th inclusively. I am sure that you will all have an interesting and fun time. What will you do and where will you go?


A friend of mine, a fellow Canadian, who I met here in Tokyo over 20 years ago will make a business trip to Tokyo. I have seen him twice in the last 20 years so I am looking forward to it. He now lives in Dubai with his family. What a great start to the spring holiday.


Last week I asked you if you could describe people – their physical looks as well as their characters. How did you do?

The man I met in the park had short cropped blond hair and a thin moustache. He was tall, thin and handsome. He was wearing a pair of light coloured slacks, a white tee-shirt and a blue spring coat. His smile was warm and friendly.


For this week, I have some vocabulary for you!! Can you define the following words connected to GENERAL TRAVEL:

1. agent

2. announcement

3. delay

4. embarkation

5. itinerary

6. embarkation

7. prohibit

8. luggage


Good luck with these words. Try to define these words and make sentences with them.


Because of the holiday I will not be posting next week. See you in 2 weeks!!

The GOLDEN WEEK spring holiday.
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