Subject???? Object????



Welcome back everyone!! I hope the holiday was a relaxing and fruitful one. The weather certainly was excellent. I got out and walked, relaxed and spent time with friends and feel ready to get back to work!

It is now May and this means that many of you went abroad and experienced other cultures and countries. Did you enjoy it? Many people return from their overseas holidays and realize that they need to become more comfortable in English communication. Here is your chance! Why not start studying again?

We are always open to new people joining us. It not only gives people new friends but also allows us all to experience your experiences second hand.

Last week, I had some vocabulary for you!! Could you define the following words connected to GENERAL TRAVEL:

1. agent: a representative of a company

2. announcement: a public notification

3. delay: to postpone until another time

4. embarkation: the process of getting on a plane or ship

5. itinerary: a proposed route for a journey, showing dates and means of travel

6. prohibit: to forbid by authority or to prevent

7. luggage: suitcases, baggage


Your challenge for today is this:

What is the difference between a SUBJECT question and an OBJECT question?

Good luck and look for the answer next week.

Subject???? Object????
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