Live life to the fullest.



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It is a HOT ONE today!! I hope that you are enjoying the summer weather this week.

I took this photo last week because it reminded me of my grandmother. She had poppies growing in her garden and I always enjoyed spending time with her there. Family is an important part of our lives. Sometimes we live too far away from each other and sometimes we live too close to each other. I think that living every day to the fullest is a good way to go through life. You do not have regrets and you do not think ‘What if?’.

Make the best of each day, do what makes you happy and you will lead a full and enjoyable life.


Last time’s question was:

What is the difference between a SUBJECT question and an OBJECT question?

Well, a SUBJECT question is about the subject while an OBJECT question is about the object of the sentence.

for example:

I have an apple.

I = subject and an apple = object

Who has an apple?

I have an apple.

What do you have?

I have an apple.

The SUBJECT question takes the same order and form as the answer.

The OBJECT question takes an auxiliary verb and has inversion of the verb.


Here is your challenge for today:

How do you use the words CHALLENGE and CLAIM?

Good luck and look for the answers next week.


Live life to the fullest.
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