What goes with what??????





August…… the month we wait for because it is SUMMER and the month we dread because it is SUMMER!!!

The heat this year has been terribly bad. High 30’s and even 40 degrees. Well, it is summer so get out and enjoy it. I enjoy it a few times a week. When I go to the gym I walk there. It is good exercise and a great warm-up to get the blood flowing. Needless to say carrying the ten 2 litre bottles of water I need on my back is also good exercise. Maybe not 10….

Last week I asked you to explain the differences between the shapes below. Were you able to get them?

A NONAGON has 9 sides.

A TRIANGLE has 3 sides.

A PENTAGON has 5 sides.

A DODECAGON has 12 sides.

A SQUARE has 4 equal sides.

An OCTAGON has 8 sides.

An OVAL does not have any sides as it is a long circle!

A DECAGON has 10 sides.


If you are interested in more info on shapes, please check out the homepage below. This is a link to a page with lots of shapes!



*****The challenge for today*****



As I am sure you know, collocations are word sets. A collocation is two or more words that often go together.


In the first column, you will find a list of verbs. In the second column, you will find some nouns. Which verb goes with which noun?? More than one noun is possible for some verbs!! Good luck!!


COLUMN A                                             COLUMN B

1. accept                                                    a. a goal

2. achieve                                                 b. an opportunity

3. have                                                      c. a business trip

4. have                                                      d. a decision

5. meet                                                      e. a question

6.make                                                      f. a target

7. score                                                      g. responsibility

8. miss                                                       h. money

9. answer                                                   i. a baby

10. save                                                      j. an idea


Good luck and have a great summer.

The school will be closed from Tuesday, August 11th to Saturday, August 19th inclusively.

See you back here in two weeks. Have a great one!!


What goes with what??????
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