What has been done?



Hi everyone,

It has been INCREDIBLY wet and the rain does not seem to be wanting to stop. The northern Kanto area has received torrential rain and many people have been evacuated to safety. As I watch the news reports I can not help but think of the many friends I have who live in Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi and Ibaraki. Rivers bursting their banks and flooding towns. People being lifted to safety by helicopter. Water is such a powerful and dangerous thing. Take care everyone!!


Last week, I asked you about some singular and plural forms that are irregular. Did you get them????? Here are the answers!


SINGULAR                                                     PLURAL

antenna                                                                ANTENNAE

ALGA                                                                    algae

BACTERIUM                                                     bacteria

cactus                                                                   CACTI

echo                                                                      ECHOES

foot                                                                       FEET

LOUSE                                                                 lice

MAN                                                                     men

knife                                                                     KNIVES

LIFE                                                                     lives

crisis                                                                     CRISES

appendix                                                             APPENDICES

matrix                                                                  MATRICES

BARRACKS                                                         barracks

deer                                                                      DEER

offspring                                                              OFFSPRING

sheep                                                                    SHEEP


Well, for today I have a very important grammar pattern for you. The ACTIVE VOICE and the PASSIVE VOICE. I am sure that you have studied these.

WHY is the passive voice used?

Can you change these sentences, which are in the active voice, to the passive voice? One of these sentences you can not, so be careful!!!!


I opened the door.

He has sent the letter to his brother.

We use the yen in Japan.

Bartholdi designed the Statue of Liberty.

Sandy will pick up the children at 5 pm tonight.

The old man died in his sleep last night.

Enjoy and do your best this week!

See you next time.


P.S. If you are interested in who BARTHOLDI was, please check this link to WIKIPEDIA!



What has been done?
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