What a week!! Every week is full of excitement and adventure these days. I am lucky to be able to meet so many different kinds of people every day. I am also lucky to be able to work with such a great team at LEAD ENGLISH. Our staff and teachers are all excellent and are always taking care of the students and the school. What a great place to be able to work at. Thank you to all of you and to everyone who enriches my life so much every day of the year.


Well, talking of ‘the year’, it is coming to a close soon. Yes, 2015 will end in just a few short weeks. 2016!! I remember when I was a child and dreamt about the future. I thought I would be sooooooooo old when the millennium changed. That was 15 almost 16 years ago and I am still here and thankful that I have lasted so long. I am lucky to have good friends, a good family, good colleagues and good students to teach. THANK YOU ALL!


Well, last time I gave you a difficult challenge. Could you explain the differences? Here are the answers:

advice and advise

ADVICE is a noun while ADVISE is a verb.

effect and affect

AFFECT is a verb, but EFFECT is a noun.

borrow and lend

I borrow something from you.

I lend something to you.

cost and price

Price the the amount of money you must pay for something.

Cost is prices in general.

effective and efficient

Something EFFECTIVE will solve a problem and do a food job.

Something is efficient, like a machine, if it does the job well.

journey and travel

Travel is uncountable.

Journey is countable.

technique and technology

A technique is a way of doing something.

Technology is connected to scientific or industrial processes.

bring and take

To bring is to come with someone or something.

To take is to go with someone or something.

material and ingredient

Material is something that you make a product out of: metal, glass, plastic…

An ingredient is something that you make something out of. It is edible.

consist of and contain

Consist means that something is made up of that.

To contain means that this is a part of something.


Now that was difficult!!


Today’s puzzle is this:

What is the difference between the following CONDITIONAL sentences?

  1. If it rains, I bring my umbrella. (zero conditional)
  2. If I win the lottery, I will buy a new house. (1st conditional)
  3. If I won the lottery, I would buy a new house. (2nd conditional)
  4. If I had won the lottery, I would have bought a new house. (3rd conditional)
  5. If she had taken the job, she would be happy now. (mixed conditional)

Good luck!!


Do not forget our CHRISTMAS PARTY will be on SATURDAY DECEMBER 5th from 7 pm to 11:30pm. SEE YOU THERE!!!


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