How to………


Well, I am sure that you are all planning the year-end holiday these days. It is a busy time and it takes time to get organized. I also think that many of you are thinking about how to study and how to improve your English ability. Well, here are a few ideas:

  1. Movies, TV and radio. Listen, listen and then listen more. Listening is a great way to improve your English. If you do it actively and think about what you are hearing, it will help you greatly.
  2. Reading! Reading exposes you to phrases, patterns and vocabulary. You can see patterns and new words in context and learn not only the words but also HOW to use them. The HOW to use them is the key point.
  3. TED!!! TED presentations are very well done. There are many topics and there are many people from all walks of life making presentations. They are difficult, but they are also interesting. Here is a link to the TED homepage. You can also watch it on NHK. The programme is called SUPER PRESENTATIONS. Check it out!
  4. Try to think in English at home, on the train or at the office. Take the opportunity to talk to yourself in English. Explain to yourself what you are doing; describe the people around you; explain the room to yourself. Try!


Last time I asked you what the difference was between the following sets of sentences, one using an INFINITIVE and the other using a GERUND.

The difference between these sentences is ………………  NOTHING!!!! They have the same meaning.


A) It is unnecessary to tip taxi drivers in Vietnam.

B) Tipping taxi drivers in Vietnam is unnecessary.


A) It is customary to eat with chopsticks in Taiwan.

B) Eating with chopsticks is customary in Taiwan.


A) It is common to eat dinner late in Spain.

B) Eating dinner late is common in Spain.


A) It is impolite to whistle in India.

B) Whistling is impolite in India.


The challenge for today is ………………..


Please put articles in the blank spaces of this e-mail. The choices are A, AN, THE, NOTHING.


Dear Diego,

It was good to talk with you last week. I have just arrived in Hong Kong and it is taking me _________ while to get used to ________ time difference. I keep waking up in _______ middle of _______ night. Many years ago I used to live here so I know my way around and fortunately I can speak _______ Chinese although about _______ 50% of the people here speak English. I had _______ lunch yesterday at one of _______ best restaurants in _______ town with some friends: _______ theatre manager and _______ dancer. It was quite embarrassing because I am not used to using _______ chopsticks any more and I kept dropping my food!

Anyway _______ reason I am writing you is……..


Good luck and see you next time.


Just a reminder that the school will be closed for the year-end holiday from Sunday, December 27th, 20015 to Monday, January 4th, 2016.



How to………
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