We had some great weather this last weekend! It was sunny and HOT! We had temperatures in the mid 20’s!! It was summer-ish weather.


Well, in my hometown, Ottawa in Canada, there was the exact opposite. They had extremely cold weather. As you can see from the screen shot below from my mobile, the temperature was beyond what most people have experienced in their lives. The next time you think it is cold, please remember this.


Last week I asked you to do some tongue twisters. Were you able to get them? I hope so.


This week’s task is the following:


Are these sentences correct?

This room is as big as that room.

Your English is not as well as mine.

My house does not have nearly as much rooms as your.

My computer screen is not quite as big your computer screen.

Our text book is as same as your text book.

Try those and good luck. Here is a hint!!!! MOST of these sentences have mistakes.



Please remember that we have a campaign on now. Come and try!!

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