The future, NOW.



Hi everyone! It is the start of the autumn season and that means HALLOWEEN!!! It is an exciting and fun time of the year that brings out the devils in all of us.


We will be having our annual HALLOWEEN PARTY on Saturday, October 31st from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm. All welcome so please bring your friends and family. The cost will be Y1,500 each and it is a POT-LUCK party, as usual. I am really looking forward to seeing you all there and to seeing your wonderful costumes.

The Second Annual Kids HALLOWEEN Parade will be help on Friday October 30th. Time t.b.a. (to be announced)!




Last time I asked you to figure out the differences between the following future forms:






Here are the points to be careful of!!!

WILL has three basic meanings.

  1. a future decided plan – I will go to Athens this Friday! I am so excited!
  2. an undecided future plan – Maybe I will visit my friend while I am in Athens. He lives on a small island and it is far from Athens.
  3. something decided at the time of speaking – OH! He moved to Athens!?!?!? Yes, I will visit him then.

BE GOING TO has a decided meaning.

  1. I am going to buy my friend’s birthday present this afternoon.

The PRESENT CONTINUOUS is used to express a future plan and arrangement. An arrangement means that I have decided to do something with someone.

  1. I am having lunch in Shinjuku today. I am meeting my friend at 12:00 and we are going to the new Italian restaurant.

The PRESENT SIMPLE is used to express formally decided plans or schedules.

  1. The meeting starts at 5pm next Tuesday.
  2. My flight departs at 15:20 tomorrow.


Your challenge for this week is the following:

What is the difference between these words:

ago , before

eg. I met her 3 weeks ago.

I met her 3 weeks before.

in, later, after

eg. I will go in 2 days.

I will go 2 days later.

I will go 2 days after.


Good luck and be careful and do not forget:



The future, NOW.
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